New Product Development

NPD Pharma Consulting Ltd  specialise in research and development of new products; or the reformulation of existing products for the natural health  industry. We have developed hundreds of products that are currently on sale in Europe, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, and many other countries.We have developed many products covering the following dosage forms:

Chewable Tablets  usually dairy based ingredients in dosage forms suitable for children. Choose from a range of great tasting natural flavours, natural colours and sugar and sugar-free tablet base options.

Oral Tablets  best suited for multimineral, multivitamins and other nutritional ingredients. These dosage forms are great where the ingredients are not palatable.

Coated Tablets  Choose from a range of natural or artificially coloured tablet coatings. Coating help to give uniformity in colour and give a professional feel to your finished product. Colour coating can help mask taste and odour.

Soft Gelatin Capsules – Oil Type Fish Oils, vegetable oils, squalene (animal or vegetable based), algae oils, Astaxanthin – the choice is wide.

Soft Gelatin Capsules – Gel Type These are softgel capsules that use an oil base to suspend other ingredients. These often use ingredients to increase the viscosity of the oil to allow the nutritional compounds to be suspended within. The gelatin shell is best coloured.

Hard Shell Capsules  by far the most common and simplest dosage form. The Shell can be vegetarian or made from gelatin. The powders are filled into the empty capsule. Capsules can be clear or coloured. Coloured capsule allow uniform colour between batches and a professional look.

Nutritional Powders  Protein Powders, Nutritional Beverages, Electrolyte powders

Liquid Formulations Aloe vera products, cough syrups, throat sprays, liquid multis

Premixes these are the best way of adding vitamins and minerals to beverages and foods.  These can be developed to your nutritional specifications for your application.

Infant Formulae covering infant formula , follow-on formula and Growing Up Milk Powder (GUMP)

Medical Foods Covering powders designed for tube feeding, Diabetic formula, Kidney formula, dysphagia formula, convalescent formula and many more.

Lozenges – medicated or unmedicated, sugar based, sugar free formula, hard boil lozenges or direct compression

Canine Products  Nutritional powders, orphan puppy formula, tablets, softgels or capsules

Equine Products  Medical products designed for non-sporting horses and the sporting horse with awareness of banned substances.

Frozen Yoghurt and Icecream base powders designed to be hydrated and added to an icecream machine